Our mission  is to create and raise awareness about the importance of embracing and supporting a boy child, by doing that now, you are saving the whole generation and you are raising a legend.  We aim  to inspire a boy child and provide them  with mentorship, food, clothing and school equipment. No child should go to school hungry

Encourage boys to talk about their emotions and express their feelings in a safe way and how to deal with anger in a healthy manner. Create a healthy and safe community who’s welcoming to everyone, regardless of the identity and to assist boys to develop self-love and respect



 Who’s aim is the development and welfare of the boy-child.

The overarching aim is to help and assist boys to make life choices that lead to better future.

To assist into empowering the boys in all aspects and give them attention and priorities on their survival, well-being and staying out of trouble. 

- Develop mentorship forum involving successful local youth, building a trust between the organisation and mentoring in building characters and finding new hobbies